What the NHS says

Remove your skin tag with dental floss………

It’s crazy, after reading a NHS article today it clearly stated that self esteem can be effected by someone suffering from skin tags on their body.

I have witnessed so many people who feel unable to wear vest tops in the summer, even a young guy wouldn’t go on holiday to a hot country because he felt so ashamed of how his body looked with the large amount of skin tags he had, and then being told by a NHS doctor – it’s cosmetic!

The BIAE (The British Institute & Association of Electrolysis) are a recognised institute providing therapists with the clinical skill to help so many people with different skin lesions – skin tags to name one, with a safe clinical solution

If you or you know anyone suffering from skin tags – there is a solution, you really don’t need to use cotton or dental floss if this option horrifies you!

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