You Saved My Eye Sight

YOU SAVED MY EYE SIGHT! Back in March this year a regular client came to see me for a treatment. looking at her skin as I normally do, I was suspicious of a tiny little mark under her eye. I started to question her about the mark. She said the Doctor told her it was broken capillaries (little blood vessels). I wasn’t happy with the comment and questioned some more.


  1. Has it ever changed in size?
  2. Has it ever changed in colour?
  3. Has it ever bled spontaneously?
  4. Has it ever crusted over [without being injured]?
  5. Has it ever ulcerated?
  6. Has it ever itched?
  7. how long had the little mark been there?

my client answered yes to almost all of the above questions. I strongly suggested she pay another visit to her GP. I also said it was important to asked to be referred to a dermatologist.

I finished her treatment that day and thought no more of it.  Some weeks later she came to see me – It is Malignant Melanoma!

I was so gutted for her, but at the same time relieved she had caught it so early!

She said she had a date for surgery, so all she could do was wait.

In May she came to see me, her words were, “you saved my eye sight, the melanoma could have advanced if it had not been removed, it could have damaged my eye”. My client also said to me; “I would never have gone to the doctor, if you hadn’t been concerned”

The message I’m giving is this;

If you have read this far, please please if worried about a tiny little mark, ask yourself the seven questions above, take action – see your GP. 



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