Why Electrolysis?

Our client says, electrolysis was “Worth every penny! Less spots and blemishes now my skin is really healing too!!”

Electrolysis has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for permanent hair removal. Dr Charles Michel first used it successfully in 1875 to remove ingrown eyelashes. He discovered that once the follicle had been treated with electrolysis the hair was permanently destroyed.

For over 100 years, electrolysis has been recognised as a safe, reliable method of treating all skin and hair types. Many new treatments for hair reduction or non-permanent hair removal have emerged over the years; electrolysis has remained the only proven permanent method, that provides complete removal of unwanted hair.

There are 3 methods of electrolysis to choose from in order to tailor your treatment to your skin type and reaction, and all 3 are capable of permanently removing hair.  They are:

  1. Galvanic
  2. Thermolysis (is also called Short Wave Diathermy or RF diathermy in some countries).
  3. Blend.

How does electrolysis work?

Insertion of a very fine, disposable, sterile probe (the same diameter as the hair) into the hair follicle, which is a natural opening in the skin. A tiny amount of energy (electrical current) is then discharged into the hair follicle. The only sensation felt is the heat at the tip of the probe. The follicle is destroyed by heat (with thermolysis) or a chemical reaction (with galvanic) or both blended together (with the blend).

How many electrolysis sessions will I need to clear the hair Completely?

The number of treatments required will vary from person to person, there is no estimation given. The process is dependant on your commitment to attend regularly.

What part of the body can be treated with electrolysis?

Electrolysis can be used on any part of your  body where there maybe unwanted hair, areas include all facial areas, legs, bikini line, chest, nipples, back, abdomen, underarms, fingers, toes and eye brows.

You will be amazed when you start to see your hair growth becoming softer, finer and lighter in colour. You will see and feel the difference as your  treatment progresses.

After each and every treatment you will be given aftercare instructions, it is important to follow the guidance to support the process.

65Working with an Apilus machine for a more comfortable experience.

The knowledge of a PERMANENT solution

makes its bearable………

Electrolysis can feel uncomfortable, you will be helped throughout your experience to control the discomfort.

Many people who have been through the hell of each day, plucking, shaving, covering up with thick make up etc…… have said, that was more painful, mentally painful!

What should I feel when having electrolysis?

Book an appointment

The minimum charge is £24.50

10 mins £24.50
15 mins £28.50
20 mins £34.75
30 mins £47.00
45 mins £68.50
60 mins £88.50

Please note with effect from 1st March 2023, prices will increase as follows:

The minimum charge is £28.60

  • 10 mins £28.60
  • 15 mins £33.50
  • 20 mins £40.50
  • 30 mins £55.00
  • 45 mins £88.00
  • 60 mins £103.50
  • 90 mins £158.00
  • 120 mins £207.00
  • 3 hours £310.50

Advanced Electrolysis for Blemish Removal:

  • 15 mins £55.00
  • 30 mins £90.00
  • 45 mins £120.00
  • 60 mins £150.00

Electrolysis for Gender Reassignment Surgery:

  • 60 mins £120.00
  • 120 mins £240.00
Deborah Jones Electrolysis

Deborah Jones

Owner & Founder - Positive Pathways

Deborah has over twenty years experience as a hands on therapist, Lecturer and Author.

You are in safe hands when looking for an advanced practitioner, her passion for electrolysis and constant commitment to client well being gives hope to anyone suffering from unwanted facial hair, with the permanent hair removal solution offered.

She keeps up to date with the latest skills and maintains a very high standard. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none

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