Causes of hair Growth

One of our roles as an electrologist is to understand why the unwanted hair growth has appeared. As part of the service we offer to our clients involves a detailed consultation and skin analysis which includes; skin type, contra indications, and medical conditions just to name a few. As part of this procedure we all know the importance of understanding why did the hair appear in the first place.

There are various reasons why. This short CPD course will be a refresher and it’s a bit of fun too!

Test your knowledge and gain valuable CPD points too!


This Course will include:

  • A video for you to watch and refresh knowledge
  • A Quiz to complete
  • 2 CPD Points
  • A Certificate of achievement

Continuous Professional Development

  • Course Pricing


  • Includes:

    A video to refresh your knowledge, a quiz to test your knowledge and 2 CPD POINTS! PLUS a Certificate to add to your annual CPD record.

  • You will need to purchase:


  • Course requirements

    Time and a willingness to take part!

  • Course Length - How long will it take you to be qualified?

    This short CPD course will be different for everyone. It's about revisiting information, time it takes to complete is a personal achievement. 

    Watch the video and work through the quiz...


Progression routes after successful completion

Have a look - are there any other CPD courses that are of interest to you? 

Every course will increase your CPD points value. The points add up and go towards your annual requirements!

What can I expect

Refresh knowledge and gain CPD points

What you will need to do now

Enroll and enjoy!

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