CPD Knowledge Refreshers Health & Safety in a Clinical Environment

Health and Safety

With the all changing licensing requirements in different boroughs throughout the United Kingdom, this course provides refresher training for health & safety procedures for an electrolysis clinic/salon.

Each section can be worked through at your own pace. On completion of each lesson, there is an online test 100% pass mark is required. There is an opportunity to retake sections as needed.

100% completion of all sections is awarded with 5 CPD points and an achievement certificate to use as part of ongoing CPD requirements and evidence of updating health & safety knowledge

Health & Safety topics with this course are:

  • Immunisation against Hepatitis B
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Needlestick injury procedures
  • Sterilisation and sanitisation
  • The procedure for washing hands.
  • Course Price


  • Course Length

    Most students take around 8 hours to complete the course

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