The despair of facial hair

A clients true experience – told through a poem!

“Don’t look at my face”, she said
“DON’T touch my face, I feel like a complete disgrace

The man moves away
The woman remains standing
He looks over his shoulder not understanding

It’s a secret you see
She cannot share
The fear and anxiety that people will stare

Shaving each day before her man wakes
Her heart beats so fast
What if he see’s
She falls to her knee’s

The tears in her eyes
She’s sick of the lies

The pain and the suffering of what used to be
I feel so honoured she came to see me

The story she tells of two years that’s past
The joy in her eyes the smile on her face
she’s free of the torment and pain at last

His hands cup her face
She smiles and looks into his eyes

The joy in her heart, there are no more lies

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method of hair removal…………

Gives back the face to the women and the freedom of skin

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