Ultrasonic Cleaner

Signstek Ultrasonic Cleaner 650ML Ultra Sonic Cleaner Machine for Glasses Denture Watch Metal Coins Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit 40000 HZ

【650ml Large Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaner】The ultrasonic machine has exquisite and compact appearance and small body, but has a large capacity of 600ml, very convenient to move. The package includes a watch holder and a detachable cleaning basket, which can be used to clean watches, glasses, bracelets, shaving heads, print heads, toothbrush heads, dentures, combs, earrings and other small tools.
【Powerful and Efficient 360°Deep Cleaning】The ultrasonic cleaner can generate 40,000Hz ultrasonic waves, creating powerful and gentle clean water bubbles and water waves to penetrate blind holes, cracks and nicks, reach 360° comprehensive deep cleaning, will not damage your valuables.
【Easy Operation】Press the “ON” button to turn on the ultrasonic cleaning function, and the indicator light will be on. You can choose the cleaning time by pressing the button. During the cleaning process, press the “close” button, the ultrasonic cleaner will stop working. You can add 2-3 drops of dish soap into the cleaning water to quickly dissolve the dirt and increase the cleaning effect of ultrasonic by 20%.
【Quiet and Durable】The decibels under 60dB brings comfort when the machine is working, and various preset cleaning times provide deep cleaning for many items. The durable SUS 304 stainless steel water tank is equipped with a water level pipe inside. This ultrasonic cleaner comes with a transparent cover that you can see through it.
【Note】Ultrasonic cleaning machine is only a substitute for manual cleaning of the surface of objects, and the dirt in the gap is difficult to clean. Adding some cleaning agents will have obvious effects, but for excessive oily surfaces (such as sweat stains on the surface of glasses, oil stains) , the oxidation layer has been difficult to remove.


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