Protective Barrier Film

Matory 1200 Pieces Barrier Film Blue Dispenser Dental Tattoo Protective PE Film Tattoo Cover Wrap

Quantity: there is a roll of blue barrier film in the package, about 1200 sheets, which are generally used to protect equipment and instruments from contamination during use
Size: the point-breaking design divides the entire roll of diaphragm into several pieces, and the size of each piece of barrier film is 14.8cm*10.2cm, and the appropriate size can just wrap the tool
Easy to use: the outer side of the barrier film does not contain glue, which is more convenient for you to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. The point-breaking design allows you to separate it without scissors during use
Feature: these barrier films are transparent, you can view the instrument data through the barrier film, and the quality of the adhesive is good, so there is no need to worry about residual glue on the instrument
Application: the surface of the barrier film is smooth and transparent. In addition to the protection of dental instruments, you can also use it to protect the remote control panel display and electrical appliances to protect them from abrasion


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