Safeguarding Policy

Positive Pathways Electrolysis Ltd’s centre is committed to safeguarding vulnerable groups and will:

  1. provide guidance on safeguarding children/vulnerable adults for staff and learners;
  2. provide guidance on conduct when working with vulnerable groups;
  3. provide information on issues such as child abuse* and legal obligations;
  4. vet staff and learners working with vulnerable groups through CRB/SCRO** checks;
  5. promote a responsible attitude to protecting vulnerable groups at all times;
  6. provide monitoring processes for the above.


Positive Pathways Electrolysis Ltd’s centre will ensure that its learners:

  1. Observe the centre’s safeguarding regulations;
  2. Co-operate with others in keeping vulnerable groups safe;
  3. Take care to avoid distress to children and vulnerable adults and treat them with respect;
  4. Report any violation of safeguarding to the tutor or other responsible person;
  5. Report any suspicion of abuse* to the tutor or other responsible person immediately.


*Abuse can be emotional, physical or sexual in nature

**CRB/SCRO – Criminal Records Bureau/Scottish Criminal Records Office.


Those responsible within the centre are:

Deborah Jones

The centre agrees to comply with the safeguarding policy as outlined above:

Signature: Deborah Jones

Position: Director

Date: 18/07/2022

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