Seborrhoeic Keratosis/Wart

What is Seborrhoeic Keratosis?

Also Known as Seborrhoeic Warts, Basal Cell Papilloma. They occur with age and can also be hereditary. They increase in number and size with age and in some cases, there may be hundreds.

They are most common on the tunk area, but also occur on the face, back of the hands and forearms.

What causes Seborrhoeic Keratosis?

What do Skin Tags look like?


They range from being non-pigmented to golden, dark brown and can look almost black. The surface is cleft and quite crusty to touch. It looks as if it's been stuck on to the skin…… 

How Common is Seborrhoeic Keratosis?

How can Seborrhoeic Keratosis be treated?

What Results can I expect from Electrolysis?


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