VTCT Level 4 Advanced Epilation Techniques

An Internationally Recognised Qualification

Enrolment is 8 weeks prior to the practical training/assessment days, this is to ensure you have adequate study time to complete the course work. The course work consists of an in depth  assignment (which you are guided with).

Course Content:

Assess, prepare for and carry out an advanced epilation techniques to remove skin tags, milia, telangiectasia (thread veins), spider naevi and blood spots

  • Using diathermy current
  • Advise clients on the care needed after the procedure
  • Maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout all procedures
  • Recognise salon hazards, carry out risk assessments and then implement the necessary actions
  • Monitor and support your colleagues to ensure your salon complies with health and safety requirements
  • Implement and supervise salon procedures for all aspects of salon safety and security including the need for insurance and licencing
  • Provide appropriate client care through communication giving clear and precise information to educate and manage client expectations
  • Adapt client care using different communication skills to meet the needs of different people

The course will include:

  • Online guided study with course videos and one to one guidance with an educator
  • Guided home study – consists of an in depth assignment given 8 weeks prior to the training/assessment days
  • The assignment forms part of your assessment and will need to be completed before attending the training/assessment days
  • Practical assessments with clients & portfolio completion takes place at the training/assessment days
  • Written case studies to complete 2 weeks after your training/assessment days, this work is to be emailed to your assessor for marking
  • Practical guided application using an electrolysis machine to remove skin tags, milia, telangiectasia (thread veins), spider naevi and blood spots

Progression routes after successful completion of level 4 are:

Class sizes are kept small to ensure each learner has the opportunity to obtain all the practical and theoretical skills to confidently and successfully achieve the VTCT qualification and to meet the industry standards.

Requirements you’ll need to be accepted for this course

NVQ or equivalent – level 3 Certificate in Epilation

Be willing to wear a uniform, have short finger nails, no nail polish, close toe shoes, plus long hair pulled back off your face.This meets with the National Occupational Standards; which we are very keen to up-hold.

How long will it take you to be qualified?

  • approximately 6 months from the time of enrolment,  which ideally is two months prior to attending the practical/assessment day
  • completion of an in depth assignment is the first part of your training
  • the two days practical/assessment days are the 2nd part of your training
  • written case studies to be completed after the practical/assessment days, this is the last part of your training

Our focus is on how YOU will progress to being qualified with advanced skills. To offer a fantastic new service in your clinic at a very high standard.

Training takes approximately 6 months from enrolment

Practical/Assessment Day Agenda

  • Arrive at 10am for a 10.30am prompt start – sessions end at approximately 4pm
  • Portfolio Building
  • Practical demonstrations and assessments
  • It is part of your commitment to complete all course work and attend all required training sessions necessary for successful completion of the course. Failure to meet this criteria could result in additional costs, training & assessments in order to successfully gain the certificate

What you will need to do now

  • To provide evidence you have a qualification in level 3 Certificate in Epilation/Electrolysis
  • To pay a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of £400 (Please do not send cash) (Please make cheques payable to ‘Positive Pathways Beauty Ltd’)
  • Balance transfer to; Positive Pathways Training – account number: 83234274  sort code: 20-49-86
  • To agree to pay the final (NON REFUNDABLE) balance 20 working days before the course commences
  • To pay by credit card please call us on 020 3330 0296 or to discuss a payment plan

Please note: lost certificates or certificates that need to be amended will incur a fee of £50 payable to VTCT