Kind words from our clientele ~ Thank you!

I had  two skin tags removed that were troubling to me. Both area’s have healed really quickly and I can’t see any trace left on my face. I will be passing your contact detail on to a friend of mine.

Thank you.

John Cheeseman - July 2014

Both Naomi and Deborah are lovely!!! I always come out feeling so much better about myself!! I’ve been going to Positive Pathways for a good few years now and especially love their salon on Hadlow Road. Unlike many places, Positive Pathways are friendly and so accommodating! I am not sure how they remain so patient with my million appointment changes. Can’t wait for my next visit. I’m in desperate need of their dermatologica facial!! A must have!!

Peri Hannabuss-Penn - August 2014

I used to love visiting Nan but hated kissing her goodbye she had a prickly chin like my dad.

My sister and I called her Granny Whiskers!!

She had a Bic razor in a dish by the door if an unexpected visitor turned up, she would dry-shave her chin!

In my mid-twenties, I noticed the odd white hair on my chin, I would pluck it out – no problem!

By the time I reached my thirties I was in front of the mirror every other day.  Spending hours plucking them out!

The skin on my chin was spotty, swollen & infected due to relentless picking, plucking and exfoliating.

I wouldn’t have a facial, too embarrassed by somebody feeling my chin and learning my dirty secret.  Even my partner wasn’t aware of my problem.  I told him the spots were hormonal acne!  I have never even discussed this with my close friends – I still don’t!

This sounds really stupid, but one day I thought what if I went into a coma or got really ill and couldn’t pluck or wax?!  I had nightmares of waking up with a full on Desperate Dan beard – I had a pact with my sister that if one of us fell ill the other one would make sure they were there with the tweezers!
I did so much research on hair removal – IPL, Vaniqa, No-No Hair, etc.  I knew about electrolysis but I shied away from it as I knew it was a big commitment.

How on earth could I commit to not plucking or treating the area in between sessions?  But then I came across Debs whilst on a google search ….
She knows everything there is to know about facial hair, how it grows, what cycle it is in (anagen,catagen!) but, more importantly, she knows how to get rid of it and she is passionate about what she does!

I see her every other week for 30 minutes.  I cut any hair that I think others can see in between sessions (although unless people are walking around with magnified contact lenses, they probably don’t even notice!).

Sometimes I go two weeks. Debs has been known to come in out of hours to assist if I need her to.

I have been going several months now, already the skin on my chin is healing. I spend almost no time in front of the mirror (although I do allow myself a treat every now and then … just to look!).
Electrolysis is not pleasant but it is totally bearable!  The biggest commitment is not touching the hair in between sessions.

Every time I pluck I’m right back to the beginning!  I strangely enjoy the sessions, more so because we spend 30 minutes laughing and joking.
I now know how common FACIAL HAIR is, probably 2 or 3 of my own friends may even suffer with it and I just don’t know because we don’t  talk about it!

I wish I hadn’t left it so long!

Jo May 2015

Deborah has completely changed my life; I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it is truly how I feel. For years I felt ashamed, embarrassed and self conscious about the huge warts on my hands. I tried many treatments from the chemist, the doctor even froze them, but they kept coming back and getting bigger. Now completely gone!

Laura Diss - Aug 2013

I just wanted to let everyone know what a lovely experience I had when I went to Positive Pathways Beauty Salon. I was looked after by a therapist called Deborah.

I’d had a very large skin tag on my shoulder. I couldn’t wear anything that didn’t cover it, I hated it, it was so ugly.

I was sitting in my car outside the salon one afternoon and couldn’t take my eyes off the writing on the window that said skin tag removal. I was with my daughter, we made a note of the phone number. My daughter had a skin tag that she was very conscious of as well.

After a phone call and an appointment my daughter had hers removed in just 15mins. Mine was a lot bigger and took an hour, only a little discomfort but not really painful and it was gone, still cant believe its gone.

Deborah talks you through what she is doing. What a lovely lady! I was so pleased with the results so I made another appointment and had another small one removed from my face.

I am so pleased – thank you Deborah & Positive Pathways Beauty

Norma - Aug 2013