You Saved My Eye Sight

YOU SAVED MY EYE SIGHT! Back in March this year a regular client came to see me for a treatment. looking at her skin as I normally do, I was suspicious of More →

The despair of facial hair

A clients true experience – told through a poem! “Don’t look at my face”, she said “DON’T touch my face, I feel like a complete disgrace The man moves away The woman More →

Devine – Sunshine

Protect Protect Protect – SPF! Isn’t it a beautiful day…….. the weekend is predicted to be fabulous! The spring sunshine is just as damaging as the summer sunshine. Enjoy your weekend, protect More →

Threading increased my facial hair

If fine, soft hair is taken out from an area unnecessarily during waxing or threading, this may in turn cause a stronger, darker hair growth. Threading is another alternative to waxing and More →

Microdermabrasion causes trauma to your skin

Your questions answered………. Will having Microdermabrasion thin my skin? Areas of thick skin will be made thinner; however your skin will also become thicker too, this is due to the increased production More →

What the NHS says!

Remove your skin tag with dental floss……… It’s crazy, after reading a NHS article today it clearly stated that self esteem can be effected by someone suffering from skin tags on their More →

Help and Support during my Transition.

I’ve laughed and cried with Debs, I’ve confided and shared my life’s hopes and dreams with her, and received support and advice. As a single girl, leaving the Army, I was trying More →

Great Review – Thank you!

Both Naomi and Deborah are lovely!!! I always come out feeling so much better about myself!! I’ve been going to Positive Pathways for a good few years now and especially love More →

What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are very common and generally cause no medical problems in most people. The veins appear on the legs, with a visual appearance under the skin. We have Deep and Superficial More →