Becoming a member of the BIAE

The BIAE is an amalgamated body of the former Institute of Electrolysis and British Association of Electrolysis. It provides a central organisation for professional and highly skilled Electrologists and a trusted national point for enquiries into electrolysis from the general public.

It is governed by a Board which is elected by the members and promotes equal opportunities.

The previously established organisations bring maturity to the amalgamation and draw on their strength, wealth of experienced  members and the respect of health related professionals. The BIAE also has the foresight and dynamism to look ahead and view new developments as they arise.

Membership to the BIAE is synonymous with good practice and demands the highest ethical standards and professional conduct.

Entrance is via the successful completion of a written & practical assessment.


¨ To provide a central organisation and definite professional status for practitioners in electrolysis.

¨ To offer membership based on expertise. Membership certificates are issued on completion of the entry assessment, confirming competence at a very high level in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills which when displayed, serve to identify an approved tested member providing reassurance for any prospective clients

¨ To promote and maintain a high standard of proficiency in members of the BIAE through funding from annual membership subscriptions offering CPD courses at affordable prices.

¨ Generally to advance and support the status and interests of the members of the BIAE and especially to maintain the high standards of all who are accepted for membership.


“I’m an Electrologist and I want to belong to a specialised, professional organisation”

“I enjoy Electrolysis and want to ensure my skills are current , safe and effective”

“I would like to keep up to date with the latest techniques”

“I want to increase my client base and network”


  • Being a member of a pro-active professional specialist organisation
  • Insurance, offering peace of mind and a helpline. Our scheme ensures competitive premiums for all electrolysis services.
  • Help, advice and support via a mentoring system operating nationally and regionally. Helpline from our office.
  • National promotion through social media and our website.
  • Contact with medical and health professionals. Referrals to members from public enquiries.
  • Regular meetings, seminars and CPD workshops led by industry experts and medical professionals.
  • An opportunity to progress to a VTCT level 4  leading to a qualification in Advanced Electrolysis
  • Regular communications and updating of related issues, e.g. health and safety, via the BIAE’s Probe publication. .


  • Annual general meetings
  • Seminars
  • Courses to up skill, some leading to a qualification.
  • CPD days to keep constantly up to date
  • Being pro-active, helps form the future – sign up and learn more
  • Be elected to the board Share good practice – Have your say!
  • Display your membership certificate increase your client base-Clients look for it!
  • Profit from referrals – website and directory


Not ready to take the assessment just yet?, or while studying for Level 3 Electrolysis. Student membership is available to you:

  • A subscription to The Probe
  • Support to help you prepare for the entrance assessment
  • Mentor-ship from a BIAE member
  • Student insurance (for supervised training)


Complete an application form, provide evidence of your Level 3 internationally recognised electrolysis qualification or equivalent together with payment, and then book your place for the practical and written assessment. Assessment dates are planned twice each year.

Please contact the Secretary for more information about full membership or student membership.


Entry assessment information

A candidate for membership of the BIAE must satisfy assessors as to their practical ability and theoretical knowledge in accordance with the BIAE syllabus and standards. The syllabus applies to hair removal using:- Short wave diathermy, Blend, Flash, Galvanism. The candidate should be experienced in the following areas:- ¨ Face:- upper lip, lower lip, chin, cheeks, side of face, eyebrow, neck. ¨ Body:- axilla, breast, abdomen, bikini line, back, arms and legs ¨ A variety of clients:- nervous, non-nervous, young, mature, new and existing ¨ A variety of hair types:- single, compound, straight, curved, fine, coarse. ¨ A variety of skin types:- white, black, Asian, sensitive, oily, young, mature

SYLLABUS Vascular System, Lymphatic System Endocrine System, Causes of Hair Growth The Nervous System Cells and Tissues, Skin, Hair Clinical Pathology Hygiene & Sterilisation, First Aid & Legislation The Principles and Practice of Electrolysis


  • It is a minimum requirement that you have 90 hours practical experience before taking the BIAE assessment.
  • Complete an application form well in advance of the assessment date (dates can be found on the BIAE Website).
  • Return the completed form, plus your Level 3 evidence and fee to the BIAE’s office 8 weeks prior to the assessment date in order that the application can be processed, i.e. your qualifications are appropriate.
  • Ensure you have studied the BIAE syllabus in depth.
  • When you feel you are ready to apply, contact us if you need further help or advice. The Secretary Kitts, Weavering Street, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent ME14 5JJ Tel: 0844 5441373 e-mail:
  • ASSESSMENT FEES Please contact the Secretary for up to date information on fees 


  • The assessment comprises of two parts, practical assessment and written assessment (general multiple choice questions, clear instructions will be sent on application. (See syllabus).
  • Both parts must be achieved to gain access to BIAE membership.
  • RESITS If unsuccessful in either section of the assessment, will be available after a suitable period to allow for further study.
  • Feedback will be given on development required. An appeals procedure is in place.

Conditions of Membership:

  • Members can use the BIAE status once the assessment is completed and whilst remaining a fully paid up member.
  • Members are to inform the BIAE that they never had a successful insurance claim made against them with reference to their work as an Electrologist.


An annual membership subscriptions is required for the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis, which is a nonprofit making organisation. Subscriptions are due on the 1st October each year and are paid to the Treasurer of the BIAE. Yearly activities are budgeted on this revenue, so prompt payment is encouraged to gain maximum benefits for all members. Membership is terminated by any of the following:- resignation; non-payment of annual subscription; or for misconduct or malpractice.