Kind words from our clientele ~ Thank you!

Positive difference from Positive Pathways

I am not used to wearing make-up and I don’t like the way foundation makes my skin feels. To add insult to injury I have sensitive skin which is prone to allergies. So I approached the idea of a makeover from Positive Pathways with a feeling of nervousness.

A natural look that smooths out some of the things the camera doesn’t like – or as my boyfriend said – just like photoshop but it works in real life.

Thanks to all at Positive Pathways for a great job – will be back soon.

Annabel Kaye - May 2013

I just wanted to let everyone know what a lovely experience I had when I went to Positive Pathways Beauty Salon. I was looked after by a therapist called Deborah.

I’d had a very large skin tag on my shoulder. I couldn’t wear anything that didn’t cover it, I hated it, it was so ugly.

I was sitting in my car outside the salon one afternoon and couldn’t take my eyes off the writing on the window that said skin tag removal. I was with my daughter, we made a note of the phone number. My daughter had a skin tag that she was very conscious of as well.

After a phone call and an appointment my daughter had hers removed in just 15mins. Mine was a lot bigger and took an hour, only a little discomfort but not really painful and it was gone, still cant believe its gone.

Deborah talks you through what she is doing. What a lovely lady! I was so pleased with the results so I made another appointment and had another small one removed from my face.

I am so pleased – thank you Deborah & Positive Pathways Beauty

Norma - Aug 2013

Deborah has completely changed my life; I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it is truly how I feel. For years I felt ashamed, embarrassed and self conscious about the huge warts on my hands. I tried many treatments from the chemist, the doctor even froze them, but they kept coming back and getting bigger. Now completely gone!

Laura Diss - Aug 2013