Emma Coleman

Aesthetic Nurse -

Emma Coleman an Aesthetic Nurse.  Emma says, “your skin tells a story about you” when we feel good it affects how we feel our confidence and self esteem” Emma provides microsclerotherapy, wrinkle relaxing injections, fillers and clinical facials.


Microsclerotherapy is one of the most effective and well-established treatments for leg telangiectasia – or spider veins

This condition affects up to 50% of all adults and effects people of all ages, and can be hereditary or due to lifestyle factors.

Although spider veins can cause discomfort in some, for many patients these small dilated blood vessels are an unsightly problem that they wish to have removed.
After your initial consultation, a doppler scan is performed to test the viability of the leg veins. This is a safety measure to ensure the best result.

The procedure itself involves the injection of a solution, or ‘sclerosant’, with a very fine needle into the problem blood vessel. The injected solution is designed to destroy the endothelium triggering thrombosis and subsequent fibrosis, causing the vessel to close down and fade away.

It is reasonable to expect a 40-80% improvement in the appearance of spider veins following a microsclerotherapy treatment, though in many cases, multiple treatments are required.

AFTER CARE: Light walking alongside the use of graduated compression hosiery supports and promotes the healing process after a microslclerotherapy treatment, minimising undesirable side effects such as the development of post-sclerotherapy thrombi and general inflammation.

As with all medical procedures, there are some small risks associated with microsclerotherapy and these will be discussed in detail at your initial appointment.

Treatment fee £150